Sunday, February 15, 2009


As in George. I stood in his driveway and street. You can't tell but this head shot was taken in front of his house, it was so dark none of my pics came out! I am hoping my Aunt has some good ones! Somehow we convinced the limo driver to take us George's house after dinner one night. We even chatted it up with Secret Service, who declined a picture with us. Ha!!! It was def a once in a lifetime thing, lol. They probably thought we were nutso! Oh, and they haven't moved it yet. Probably the reason we got so close.

Busy busy

I know it has been a while since I updated and it's because I have been very busy! Between the kids, school and house hunting the days just seem to fly by! We should be making our trek to Colorado Springs in about 2 weeks, fingers crossed we find a house!!! I am really sick of looking at houses too, who ever thought that this would be an area of shopping that I suck in? I am so over perusing through pages and pages of houses for rent, it's almost making me sick. But not sick enough to like the house with the avocado green appliances. Yes, people still have their fridge from the 70s. Gag me. Last weekend was my lovely mamma's 21st birthday party, ha! Not really but we enjoyed it like it was! Her sisters flew in to surprise her and we spent the weekend in downtown Dallas! A couple of my beautimous cousins were there as well and Chelsea! Some very good friends of my parents graciously volunteered to watch the kids ALL weekend and still want to see them again! OMG! The weekend was all a surprise for my mom, when she got home from work we gave her a Vera Bradley luggage bag and told her to go pack it! She had no clue and kept asking questions, but our lips were sealed. Upon driving up to the posh hotel, she about died thinking that was the big surprise. We let her walk into her room first and she let out the loudest "Marla" scream as soon as she saw her party guests! Only those who have been in the presence of a "Marla" scream know what I am referring to! lol! We all enjoyed her birthday weekend to the max I think. The kids are doing well, Emma's vocab is expanding by the hundreds daily! She is probably the youngest in her preschool class and it's really helping her learn more! She just educated me about "Bear's hibernation" the other day. So So cute! Mason is really working on walking. Honey bought him an airplane walking toy and he loves to push it around the house. Emma really enjoys pushing Mason while he is sitting on it(it's a ride on toy too) but it scares me half to death! I'll get video up soon! Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Quick Hello

So as you can see, classes have started and I am already busy! Really quick though, Emma is starting a 3 day preschool this next week and Mason is trying to walk and still only says Da-Da. Bummer, both my kids said Da-Da first....go Dave. It really shows you how great a Dad he is! He is gone probably 75% of the time and the kids love him more...go figure! No, totally kidding. I am SO blessed to have married such a great man who is an even better Daddy! Here is the most recent picture of us. Hope everyone is doing great!