Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So...this was my first time uploading pics with the new 'fast' internet! I'm really excited about the possibilities that this provides! With our old internet provider it would take hours to upload the normal 5 picture blog post and today, 2 minutes! Yay! These pictures are from Dave's birthday weekend in Heidelberg. They have some really old castle ruins along with some amazing places to eat! Most of you know that Dave will be going to the desert soon so our posts might be slim with just pictures until then. We are trying to enjoy as much family time as possible before he has to depart. School did start back up for me, but yay...I graduate in August!!! I never thought this day would come and I'm having a hard time making a definite decision about starting grad school or not. With this new deployment schedule we aren't sure how much time we will have left in Europe and my Masters needs to be completed here in Germany since that is where my school is 'based.' So some tough decisions to work out in the next few weeks, but I do have plans to sub at the elementary school next year to help pass the time and I also applied for a job that would support my career path! So some good and some bad, but we are having a blast in Germany and cannot wait to share our Rome pictures with you after our trip in a few weeks!!! Don't worry, I'll tell the Pope or 'poke' as Emma calls him "hello" for you all! Love to everyone!!!! :)