Monday, October 5, 2009

Guess who came to visit?

Grandma and Grandpa Hall! We had a whirlwind visit with them and it was great! Besides doing all the touristy stuff they even watched the kids so Dave and I could have a date night! Which we ended up grocery shopping during, but hey, that's how dull our life is! JK! Anyone with little kids knows what a joy it is to be able to go in the grocery store and actually look at what you are putting in your cart. While our lovely visitors were here we went to Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak(COLD!), The Flying W, Royal Gorge and a few museums here and there. I think it was an awesome visit and I know they were sad(we were too) to leave this morning. If only Jack would have been here to eat all our yummy leftovers!!! You can see from the pics that we all had fun!! Can't wait to see the Hall's again soon!

ok pics to come soon...not uploading right now...