Sunday, October 30, 2011

What we did this week...

A lot happened this week, so that get a lot of photos!! Yay! I am proud to report that no one had to visit a hospital this week, although I contemplated having my mental status checked a few times! ;) These pictures are if you want to play out the week in the right order, go to the bottom. If not, continue on!

Um, hello! This cutie won $50 for having the best costume EVER!! Her mom pretty much rocks. :) And she knows how to sew now too.
The kids said I had to dress up as well, so meow...
Charlie Company's wonderful candy apple booth at the Howloween Fest. We sold out!!! Making money to have a wonderful welcome home party for our guys!
I guess Buzz needed a snack?
He had his eyes closed for every.single.picture I took before the fest. Oh well, he needed a cat nap.
Emma's last soccer game, thank you Baby Jesus.
I guess you can't celebrate All Hallows Eve anymore at school, so Emma's class had a pumpkin party!
Which meant everyone brought pumpkin snacks...a little much I thought, but the kids (everyone except Emma of course) loved all the goodies!
Mason really wanted everyone to see me stuffing my face with cupcakes, they were the ones I made for the PTSA, so he took like a million photos at the Hoedown...this was the best one. :)
So I got him back, he didn't seem to care as much as me.
Emma's Hoedown stage. The dances and songs were all so cute!!!
Tap has been added to Emma's dance schedule, let's just say she has the skills for making some noise!
Oh the tongue is out again! It's hard to concentrate I guess!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Buzz in all his glory...

Aunt Brenda, I tried really hard to get him to enunciate his words! He was just giddy from getting to put the costume back on before Halloween!! :) He is also talking about 'boogers' because he sneezed just before this and had a mess on his face! Boys!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

For your Thursday night viewing pleasure...

Emma performing during her elementary Hoedown. Not sure why we had a hoedown, but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Christmas Card preview...

Because I'm sure it's not just my mom who is dying to sneak a peek!

What we did this week...

A Bavarian mural painted on the side of the resort. Can you find Emma and Mason? :)
Mason, after lots of tylenol/Motrin, at sunset in front of the Alps!
Someone is feeling much better!
Emma would have stayed in the pool all day!
Poor little man in the hospital! He did think his I.V. splint was super cool though!

Well, sorry for the absence again. We ventured to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort this weekend for a family retreat. It was a bit awkward in the classes because it was all couples and then our small group of wives, but I found most of the lessons to be really insightful! The chapel hosted the retreat and for attending, our rooms and most meals were covered! It was a great mini vacation, but of course it wouldn't be a real vacation without some drama! Mason started running a fever and acting kind of funny very early Saturday morning so I rushed him to the German hospital in town, well the German taxi driver did. He was SO kind too, he carried Mason all bundled in blankets into the hospital for me and even came back to pick us up later! What a wonderful little man he was! He also gave Mason some candy in the taxi for being so brave. The E.R. wanted to admit Mason, but changed their minds as soon as his fever was controllable and he returned to his silly Mason self. He was talking to them in German, so I think that was a good sign. Mason was instructed to stay on a strict pain reliever/fever reducer schedule for the next 48 hours and eventually perked up enough to play with the other kids. It was scary for a bit, and I'm sure I scared his father with my cryptic messages, but all is better now. Mason actually goes back to his own doctor today to have his white blood cell count tested again. Back to the resort, we got to spend an entire afternoon in the indoor heated pool ALONE! I'm not sure where all the families were, but we didn't care! It was a great time and we even had childcare throughout the weekend at various times! We have a lot of Halloween events coming this weekend, so be prepared for multiple posts and pictures! Oh and Emma has requested to do more videos, so be on the look out for her! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth...kind of.

beautiful at night!
Main Street at night
Can you spot some pink princess ears?
All Mason and Emma wanted to do at the end of the night was ride the carousel!
Loved the Halloween decor!!!
It finally stopped raining so we could take pictures with our ears! Mason didn't want to be part of this...

Emma was chosen by a 'bad guy' during the parade...suits her well I suppose! haha
Mason waited all day to see this man, and boy was the smile on his face BIG!
I remember seeing the green army men when I went to disney years ago!!
She was pointed to the boy next to us, but Emma loved it!
The parade is starting!
Patiently waiting....
Beautiful princess/mouse/girl...
By this time, Mason wanted nothing to do with us or our family photos...
Yes, he's trying to sleep on the curb.

The kids loved the Pirates ride so much, we did it twice!
Check out Mason's wet pants! It rained a lot, but we made the best of it!
He could have shot aliens all day long!
The kids just had to go to Pizza Planet, my fault for telling them about it, and it did not live up to the movie legend. The kids still loved it though!
Emma and Gari on the teacups, I did not participate here. :)
First ride of the day, It's a Small World. Mason was terrified, but quickly warmed up to the idea of rides being in the dark...

I'll say sorry ahead of time for this being brief and for not blogging for so long. We've had a few weeks where morning suddenly became night and Monday morphed into Sunday all in the blink of an eye. This past weekend we made a spur of the moment decision to visit EuroDisney in Paris, France! It was awesome, despite the pouring rain for the first half of the day! We traveled to Ramstein Air Base where we spent the night and caught an early morning bus (4 a.m.!) that dropped us right at Mickey's doorstep. Our good friend Gari-Ann was a trooper and made the trip with us! She loves the mouse more than the kids I think! She was a great help with the kids and they loved having her along for the ride. Emma's best moment of the day, riding Big Thunder Mountain. I believe her actual words were, "This is awesome!!!!!" Mason's best moment of the day, falling asleep on the sidewalk, haha kidding! No he really did that waiting for the parade to start. His favorite is a tie between lunch at Pizza Planet (from Toy Story) and riding the Buzz Lightyear ride. I tried to buy him mouse ears but he refused and accepted a pez dispenser instead, lol. Boys. The trip was great, the kids slept and we rode every ride we wanted or at least tried to! Emma told me today she didn't want to tell Daddy how much fun she had, because she didn't want him to be sad. I think he was ok missing this fast and furious trip, but will definitely make the next one!!! I hope the pictures can make up for my absence over the last month!!! They aren't the best quality because I didn't take our nice camera and it was dreary out!