Monday, June 30, 2008

Just a few

These are from the flight and from dinner last night. The picture of the food is what Emma got for lunch on the flight. She woke up long enough to grab the roll and proceed to eat it in her sleep. Ok... Both kids racked out within 2 minutes of take off which was nice. I enjoyed my smut magazines(gossip), lunch, a some crazy Korean concert show. Emma took a picture of tiger on the potty and the many buttons that you have to choose from. That's all for now, got our boxes, but I want the house to look spectacular before taking pics, so that may be a while!!! Just kidding, they are coming soon.

We have landed...

Ok, so the website was coming up in Korean every time I attempted to log on, so I had to guess by trial and error which one was what! Well, as you can see I figured it out and we are in Korea, finally. Most are probably wondering about the flight with the kids, all I can say is, we have the BEST kids in the world. They were awesome!!! Both had moments, but nothing too bad. "Honey" had bought Emma a new "pack-pack" and I stuffed it full of new toys and games for her, and she was entertained for hours...14 hours to be exact. Little man slept most of the flight and I was worried about him sleeping last night, but he did wonderful, only getting up once in the night...I made Dave take that one! So far the kiddos are a hit in Korea, they turn heads everywhere we have been so far, which has only been the airport and Outback. Our first load of things will be arriving today and we are excited, it's the good stuff...mainly the kids things and bedding. Tomorrow we should be heading to Osan to get our visas and do a little shopping for the house. Hope everyone is doing well, it was very sad to leave, but very happy arriving here...if that makes sense. I will post pictures soon, I haven't found the camera cords in my "selective unpacking" yet. :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hot Air Balloons


If you know me, you know that I wait until the very last possible minute to pack for trips. This probably isn't such a great idea for a person who is taking 5 bags plus carseats...Oh well. So since I don't have much time, I will just post some pics. These were taken today. We went to Gattiland and a balloon festival afterwards. Much fun had by all, especially Em. Enjoy, next pics will be from Korea!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If only...

They would sleep like this on the plane!! Oh well, I am sure all will be fine, ha ha. We successfully dropped our Trailblazer off in Dallas yesterday to be shipped over to Korea. That was a long process, but a very organized process. I was shocked that the process went as smoothly as it did. Other than that, nothing new going on except we only have 3 days left in the states. Yay and Boo. Yay that we are FINALLY going to all be together and Boo that we have to leave all our family and friends behind to do so. Hoping to squeeze in one more shopping excursion, even if it's just walking through the mall...they will be losing their biggest fan(me). I am trying to get a video up of Mason laughing, for some reason he stops as soon as the camera is pulled out. We're going to have to work on this...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

In a World without Internet...

I am sure people are just freaking out with no new updates of us...ha ha totally sarcastic in case one doesn't know me. We helped my parents move into their beautiful brand spanking new house on Friday and of course have no Internet. Life without Internet really sucks in case anyone was wondering. I am a big fan of "screen shopping" as I call it. It's like window shopping but you don't have to get dressed or do your hair, which these days is a big accomplishment for me to have done before 5pm. I was pretty much depressed to not be able to "screen shop" so I went out and did the real thing but actually spent money...shh don't tell Dave. ha ha. I am trying to get the most of my American mall trips in before we head over to Korea, where their shopping is much much different. Still fun, just not the same. The kiddos are doing great, Emma is ready to see Daddy, she keeps asking when we are going to the "airports." Mason is sleeping through the night, most nights. He has become a drool king, its unreal how much drool he can produce in just a few minutes. I think it is finally becoming real that we are leaving this weekend for 2 years! I am dropping the car off tomorrow to be shipped over to Korea, according to Dave I should have done this weeks ago...oops. Alright, off to rescue the grandparents from the crazy kids...ha ha

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh Mylanta!

So after spending many days with Aunt Chelsea, Emma has become her personal little "puppet." Chelsea had taught Em to say "Oh Mylanta!" repeated times a day. Well, late one night while helping my parents pack up their house, we found a bottle of I whipped out the camera for a "kodak" moment. Emma supplied the crazy faces, but this one was priceless! One day she will win an Academy Award, our little Drama Queen. Mason on the other hand, has discovered that there is another baby in the house...and it looks just like him! He loves to look in the mirror and talk to the baby too....they are probably discussing the crazy little girl who runs around the house and occasionally likes to poke him in the eye...all in good fun though. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thought I would upload some recent pics of the kids...Emma is 2.5 yrs old and Mason is

10 wks. Both are growing WAY too fast! I've had to buy new clothes for Mason twice since leaving Savannah and it was only 2 wks ago!

Welcome to our crazy life!

So, most of you know that the kids and I are moving over to Korea to join Dave pretty soon. Like in 9 days soon. I am actually really ready to be over there, much to everyone's dismay. I miss my husband, the kids miss daddy, and I know he misses them...still not sure about me though. Totally just joking. We have a wonderful Korean apartment in the city of Wonju. I think it is actually bigger than the house we had in Savannah. Crazy huh? I think this is going to be a wonderful experience for us, although I am sure the kiddos won't remember it! Finally our family will get to be together, for a few years at least!