Monday, June 30, 2008

We have landed...

Ok, so the website was coming up in Korean every time I attempted to log on, so I had to guess by trial and error which one was what! Well, as you can see I figured it out and we are in Korea, finally. Most are probably wondering about the flight with the kids, all I can say is, we have the BEST kids in the world. They were awesome!!! Both had moments, but nothing too bad. "Honey" had bought Emma a new "pack-pack" and I stuffed it full of new toys and games for her, and she was entertained for hours...14 hours to be exact. Little man slept most of the flight and I was worried about him sleeping last night, but he did wonderful, only getting up once in the night...I made Dave take that one! So far the kiddos are a hit in Korea, they turn heads everywhere we have been so far, which has only been the airport and Outback. Our first load of things will be arriving today and we are excited, it's the good stuff...mainly the kids things and bedding. Tomorrow we should be heading to Osan to get our visas and do a little shopping for the house. Hope everyone is doing well, it was very sad to leave, but very happy arriving here...if that makes sense. I will post pictures soon, I haven't found the camera cords in my "selective unpacking" yet. :)

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