Sunday, April 24, 2011

an entire month

I'm sorry for the lack of blog action, school again has taken control of my life. These classes are starting to die down as finals approach and I won't be quite so busy this summer before grad school starts. Oy, it's a never ending adventure I'm on huh? Life has been going great for us here in Germany. The weather is beautiful and the kids live outside most days, I do allow them to come inside for showers, eating and sleeping. hahaha. We have our first set of visitors coming next month so I am super happy about that and we also have a big vacation coming up for our little family. We are taking a trip to Spain! Instead of doing the planning ourselves and searching for the absolute cheapest options, we decided to go with a pre-planned trip that includes all the extras. I think for this one trip it will be nice to 'indulge' for a change. I promise to not make you wait too long for those pictures! Love you all!