Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paper Making 2

Paper Making 1

Emma's Fan

Hanji Festival...

Let me start by saying, if you lived in Korea, I would be telling you to look for us on the news. I think we were filmed, photographed, followed by everyone today! We started the guys field problem out by all going to a Hanji Festival here in town. (The guys went to the field if you didn't pick that up!) I think this was the best time in Korea I have had, minus a few child meltdowns. Hanji is the traditional paper art here in Korea. We have been to the Hanji activity center before to make crafts, but today was a festival all about it and lots of hands on activities. It was very kid friendly which is always a plus! We attempted to make lanterns, but it was very time consuming, so those are for a rainy day. Emma played in playhouses made completely out of paper and got to decorate her very own fan! I think her favorite was actually getting to MAKE paper. She picked pink of course and added flowers and leaves to it. I also had a family scroll made that says something about love and family...I hope. All in all, I think it was a fantastic day, long but FUN! Emma is tuckered out and so is Mason. Mason is in no pictures because he was in the Ergo on my back the whole day. He loves it there, so whatever makes life easier for both of us is ok by me! I will apologize about the videos, you will have to turn your head, I can't figure out how to turn them! Sorry! Hope you enjoy!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mason the Dino...

It's been kind of quiet around here lately, Dave is getting ready for the field and the kids have been sick. So, really nothing going on in our neck of the woods. We did go to our playgroup the other day so these pictures are from that. Emma was playing upstairs the whole time, so I never got any shots of her. We do have some fun things coming up in the next month, so that should make for more interesting posts!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Emma turns 3

Today we had Emma's Tinkerbell Birthday party and boy was it FUN! Emma had lots of Daddy's friends come and celebrate with her and of course they brought lots of gifts! First, Emma would like to say THANK YOU to those back in the states that sent her wonderful presents, Mimi & Papa, Honey & Papa, Grandma & Papa(Jack too!) and Wonderful Aunt Chelselina. It was SO SO SO nice of you all to make Emma feel so special on her birthday when we are a world apart! Thank you cards should be in the mail soon, I hope! Emma is now outfitted for the winter thanks to her wonderful Grandparents(Thank you from Mom & Daddy too!) Emma got her very own Larry & Bob from Mimi & Papa too! Emma was excited about Charlotte's Web and loved the birthday message from Grandma & Papa. Honey & Papa supplied all of the wonderful decorations in the pictures, thank you SO much! Again, I made over 2 dozen cupcakes, sick of cupcakes! We had strawberry for Em and Chocolate for Dave, LOL! I also made the 7 layer bean dip and had do-it-yourself soft tacos. I think we were all stuffed! Emma got lots of toys and videos from all her friends that came. She would like to thank Mr. Terry, Mrs. Laura, Mr. Will, Mrs. Kerri, Mr. Kevin, Mrs. Sarah, Eve, Mr. Bill, and Mr. Aaron, oh and Mason too! Emma's big present from Mommy and Daddy was a pink bike! Complete with Dora helmet! Needless to say, Em had a great day and I think everyone else did too! Good thing Mason's birthday is 6 months away, I need a cupcake break...

Emma's REAL Birthday

Emma turned 3 on Friday September 19th. Sad, I know. She's growing up so fast! Since Friday was a day that she attends "her school" on, I asked the teacher if she could bring cupcakes. They were very excited, to say the least. So, the wonderful Mommy that I am, made 2 dozen strawberry cupcakes for Emma's Korean friends at school. She was a big hit, the teacher even called Emma their "special student." She explained that they are very proud to have an American child so she is special to them. All together now, Awwwwwww. The next day was Saturday and we decided that Emma should pick where she wanted to have her Birthday dinner. Emma picked Shabu!!! A family favorite. Well, I think Dave wanted Outback, but he enjoyed Shabu as well. Shabu is a Japanese place where you cook thinly sliced meat or seafood in a very hot pot with your choice of soup. You also add in sprouts, mushrooms, pasta, dumplings, etc. Emma LOVES this place. I think secretly she picks Shabu all the time because she knows she gets ice cream afterwards! LOL!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trip to Chiaksan

Today we decided to venture to Chiak Mt. "San" is Mountain in Korean, so it would be odd to call it Chiaksan Mt.(I just learned this) Anyway...after lots of driving around to try to park as high up as we could, we started our hike. I was not very happy with this at first. If anyone remembers my Seoul Tower/Namsan hike you can sympathize. The hike wasn't bad at all, but sadly we did not make it the highest point. I stopped at about 3Kms out. I know I could have made it, but getting down would be impossible at that point. Especially with 2 kids in tow. We had lots of passersby who stopped and chatted with the kids and us. I even had one Korean woman compliment me on my Korean language skills. I answered every one of her questions about the kids with no English. Wait, I take that back, I said months for "5 months" for Mason. I always forget that one! Emma will be "set sal" on FRIDAY! That means 3 yrs. Dave has fallen in love with our baby carrier, the Ergo. I knew he would because it allows us to carry either Mason or Emma on our backs. Much easier to have your hands free that way! I think we are all pretty pooped tonight after all the hiking, but Dave is determined to make it to the top, so is Emma. So, they may try again tomorrow...As for Mason and me...we'll be relaxing at the house!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our big girl...

Emma started a half day, 3 days a week, Korean day school program today. Boo hoo for Mommy and Daddy. She was ready to leave us, I barely got a kiss goodbye! I think Daddy had a harder time with her going than me. Obviously there is the language barrier, they speak little to no English. But I think at 3 years old, she can pretty much show them everything she needs or wants. They loved her yesterday when we went to preview and ask questions. They wanted her to come full time everyday. I don't think we are ready for that! They do arts and crafts, singing, playing, and learning(in Korean). There are 2 other kids her age right now and a lot of two year olds. Today is our test day to see how it goes. I don't think Emma will have any problem with it, Mommy and Daddy may! LOL! Here is a pic of her outside the daycare center with Daddy. She was ready to go with her "pack-pack!"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Pics

Nothing really new to report at this just enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's like Christmas!!

Well, kind of. I received my package from my lovely mother today and what do you know...there was more in there for the kids than me! Just kidding, but seriously lady! The kids were SO excited about the dinosaur and Emma's pony. Mason got loads of winter clothes and Emma got a few too, Honey knows her bday is coming up so she is getting more later. I want to thank everyone for my birthday gifts, it means so much to me! I had to enclose a few pics of the kids with their goodies, I can only imagine what Christmas is going to look like around here!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008