Monday, September 1, 2008

Beef on a Leaf

That is what we call the Korean restaurants here. Mainly because you cook your meat on this grill at your table and then wrap it up in lettuce. You can add other things to your Korean "burrito" but I haven't got that brave yet. One thing at a time for me. This particular outing was to say goodbye to one of my BFF's(LOL!) Courtney and her family. They are going back to the state for a couple months and will be missed! Her cameras, not so much! This restaurant was so much cooler than all the others we had been to, it had an indoor and outdoor play area, a bounce house, and if you wanted...a pack n play at your table for your little one! America should really catch onto this family friendly craze!!! It makes it so much easier to eat out with the kiddos, not to mention, a Korean lady will usually hold your baby for you while you eat. Much fun and food was had by all, as always!!


CJ, Laura, Madison and Morgan said...

Haha! Beef on a leaf... can you believe that once you get back to the States, every now and then you actually miss the stuff? :)

Courtney said...

BFFs! LOL! Miss ya'll!