Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trip to Chiaksan

Today we decided to venture to Chiak Mt. "San" is Mountain in Korean, so it would be odd to call it Chiaksan Mt.(I just learned this) Anyway...after lots of driving around to try to park as high up as we could, we started our hike. I was not very happy with this at first. If anyone remembers my Seoul Tower/Namsan hike you can sympathize. The hike wasn't bad at all, but sadly we did not make it the highest point. I stopped at about 3Kms out. I know I could have made it, but getting down would be impossible at that point. Especially with 2 kids in tow. We had lots of passersby who stopped and chatted with the kids and us. I even had one Korean woman compliment me on my Korean language skills. I answered every one of her questions about the kids with no English. Wait, I take that back, I said months for "5 months" for Mason. I always forget that one! Emma will be "set sal" on FRIDAY! That means 3 yrs. Dave has fallen in love with our baby carrier, the Ergo. I knew he would because it allows us to carry either Mason or Emma on our backs. Much easier to have your hands free that way! I think we are all pretty pooped tonight after all the hiking, but Dave is determined to make it to the top, so is Emma. So, they may try again tomorrow...As for Mason and me...we'll be relaxing at the house!

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Honey said...

...It must be a beautiful mountain!! The pictures are gorgeous!!!!