Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hanji Festival...

Let me start by saying, if you lived in Korea, I would be telling you to look for us on the news. I think we were filmed, photographed, followed by everyone today! We started the guys field problem out by all going to a Hanji Festival here in town. (The guys went to the field if you didn't pick that up!) I think this was the best time in Korea I have had, minus a few child meltdowns. Hanji is the traditional paper art here in Korea. We have been to the Hanji activity center before to make crafts, but today was a festival all about it and lots of hands on activities. It was very kid friendly which is always a plus! We attempted to make lanterns, but it was very time consuming, so those are for a rainy day. Emma played in playhouses made completely out of paper and got to decorate her very own fan! I think her favorite was actually getting to MAKE paper. She picked pink of course and added flowers and leaves to it. I also had a family scroll made that says something about love and family...I hope. All in all, I think it was a fantastic day, long but FUN! Emma is tuckered out and so is Mason. Mason is in no pictures because he was in the Ergo on my back the whole day. He loves it there, so whatever makes life easier for both of us is ok by me! I will apologize about the videos, you will have to turn your head, I can't figure out how to turn them! Sorry! Hope you enjoy!!!

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