Monday, October 25, 2010


First off, I am sorry for lack of pictures. The kids have 'misplaced' my camera basically I will probably have to buy a new one! Also, this session of classes is winding down, so I've been a bit occupied turing in term projects, 10 page papers, asking Mason what he just stuck in his get the idea. But as I was sitting here reviewing my homework for the week I was instantly flashed back to my childhood. I wanted to share because I know that my Grandparents are loyal readers of my blog and they'll love to hear this. I was drinking a Coke and eating a 3 Musketeers candy bar and I was 10 again. What's so special about that? Well.....every time I went to visit my Granddad and Grandma in Ranger, TX they would have a Coca-Cola and cold 3 Musketeers waiting for me! I was never let down either, Grandma always had them both! And the candy bar being cold makes all the difference! I haven't had this combination in a long time and it took me out of the crazy, busy life I have and back to when I begged to go 'count the cows.' Hope you guys are doing well and having fun traveling! Love y'all!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Since Emma is a September baby, she missed 'real' Kindergarten cutoff by a few weeks. SO....we enrolled her in the local German Kindergarten for this year and next school year she will start 'real' Kindergarten. Confused yet? German Kindergarten is more of a day school, but she is with children her age and they participate in crafts and German learning, so Emma will probably be speaking better German than me in a few months. Mason will also be attending this school, but he starts next month! I am really excited for Mason because he has never been to any type of day care so this should be a fun adventure for both him and me! Back to Emma, she was so excited and didn't even tell me goodbye when she ran into her classroom! Typical Em. She knows a few German phrases that I taught her, like how to introduce herself and ask what someone's name is. She also knows please, thank you and how to count to 10. I have a feeling she will be A-OK in German school. hahaha. She and I have also become very interested in Bento lunch packing. I've enclosed a picture of our very first one. Bento lunches for kids are all about exposing them to foods they normally wouldn't try by making them aesthetically pleasing to a 5 year old's eye. Emma has ate everything I've ever given her so that is not a problem, for me it is more about packing a healthier lunch than a bunch of bagged food and candy. I did give Emma a special Kinder chocolate in her lunch because she LOVES them! I figured it would be a nice surprise on her first day of school! :)

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