Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow vs. Emma

The snow won. We told her not to play in the snow, we couldn't find her gloves. 3 year olds don't respond well to no I guess. I think she learned her lesson though, frozen hands and fingers a few minutes later sent her back inside! Mason didn't go out and play because he is still getting over his cough, but he played with the snow that Emma tracked inside and thought it was too cold too! I think we got about 2-3 inches in our backyard but I heard some places here got over 2 feet! Goodness! Luckily it's melting now and we can get out of the house to run some errands. Doesn't Em look like a mini snowboarder with her snow bib on? So SO SO cute! She's getting SO big! Don't you love the "MOM! Why did you force me out into this blizzard with no gloves on??" face? Me too.

Our house...pre Blizzard

I didn't think many of you had seen our new house here in here it is, when it was nice and sunny and warm outside. No there is nothing wrong with the siding by the front door, I just blurred our address! Oh yeah, and my new mommymobile...nice.


I just found these on my camera card while uploading pics from the aftermath of the BLIZZARD...soon to come...hope you enjoy! They are from when we were in Texas. Yes they are sitting are duck statues and a buffalo? too funny...

oh and a blackmail photo for aunt chelsea... love you mucho chels

Visit to PA

Last week we traveled to Pennsylvania for Dave's grandmothers 90th birthday party! What a celebration, let alone to be 90, to have so many family and friends come in to celebrate! We had lots of fun and the kids got to visit with Grandma and Papa, oh and Jack too! But not nasty Nacho as Emma would let you know! I didn't get many pics of our trip because I didn't carry my camera with me like I should have! Shame shame. I know that Dave's mom has a lot so when I get those I will be sharing! If you haven't heard it from me yet, we were in the middle of Amish Country up there. I mean, horse and buggy and all. I was shocked that people could really live that way, and it was COLD!!! The paparazzi in me did not take any pictures of the Amish and their way of life because I read that it's really disrespectful to them. So, I wanted to be extra respectful! I did get to visit their stores and ate lots of home baked goodies! It was a great trip and even better to be able to see a lot of Dave's family that we haven't seen in the last year. I also found out, we have a large blog following up there! Well, I say large, I think 3 people told me they look at our blog to stay up to date! How flattering! I guess that means I should update more!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


12 hr drive across 3 states, check! Living in a hotel with 2 kids for 3 days, check! Moving into a house by yourself with those 2 children, check! 3 days of endless amounts of boxes, check! Finally getting settled, ch--well kind of! As you can tell, we made it to Colorado!!! The drive went great and it was beautiful! The move went smoothly and we are slowly learning the backroads of Colorado Springs, I at least know where all the major shopping is...that's all that counts anyway. The final piece to this crazy puzzle was added on Sunday, Dave came home!!! The kids were so excited to see him and haven't let him out of their site, I am no longer the favorite, or was I ever? It's been a whirlwind since he got in but we are taking it all in stride. Today we visited the Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak! Both were awesome! The Garden is rock formations that are huge and have been around for a while, sorry we didn't stop at the visitor center so I have no "good" info. You can google it though! LOL! Afterwards, I somehow talked Dave into driving up to the summit of Pike's Peak. What a long drive(1 hour!) but SO breathtaking! Did you know the view from Pike's Peak inspired the song, "America the Beautiful?" I know why now! When we started our climb it was 63 degrees, by the time we reached the summit it was 32 degrees! OMG! We could also feel the effects of being up that high, short of breath, dizzy, really cold! I felt like I had hiked up the mountain when we were walking around! Crazy! Just thought I would let you guys know we are all alive, just super busy and enjoying our family time with Dave before he is away again. Hope you enjoyed the pic overload!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ok, a couple more...

lions and tigers and bears...

We visited the wonderful Ft. Worth zoo today and the kids LOVED it! I have over 150 pics but it is late and I am sick of the computer after doing school work all night. So here are just a couple that I couldn't help but share. Hope everyone is doing well and I apologize for not staying on top of things, this semester has been a truckload of papers, homework and tests. We are heading to Colorado this week, yay!!! Hopefully we will have no problemos on the road! So the next post will probably be from our new Home Sweet Home!!! Hopefully we can stay in one place for a couple of years...hopefully.