Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow vs. Emma

The snow won. We told her not to play in the snow, we couldn't find her gloves. 3 year olds don't respond well to no I guess. I think she learned her lesson though, frozen hands and fingers a few minutes later sent her back inside! Mason didn't go out and play because he is still getting over his cough, but he played with the snow that Emma tracked inside and thought it was too cold too! I think we got about 2-3 inches in our backyard but I heard some places here got over 2 feet! Goodness! Luckily it's melting now and we can get out of the house to run some errands. Doesn't Em look like a mini snowboarder with her snow bib on? So SO SO cute! She's getting SO big! Don't you love the "MOM! Why did you force me out into this blizzard with no gloves on??" face? Me too.

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