Friday, March 27, 2009

Visit to PA

Last week we traveled to Pennsylvania for Dave's grandmothers 90th birthday party! What a celebration, let alone to be 90, to have so many family and friends come in to celebrate! We had lots of fun and the kids got to visit with Grandma and Papa, oh and Jack too! But not nasty Nacho as Emma would let you know! I didn't get many pics of our trip because I didn't carry my camera with me like I should have! Shame shame. I know that Dave's mom has a lot so when I get those I will be sharing! If you haven't heard it from me yet, we were in the middle of Amish Country up there. I mean, horse and buggy and all. I was shocked that people could really live that way, and it was COLD!!! The paparazzi in me did not take any pictures of the Amish and their way of life because I read that it's really disrespectful to them. So, I wanted to be extra respectful! I did get to visit their stores and ate lots of home baked goodies! It was a great trip and even better to be able to see a lot of Dave's family that we haven't seen in the last year. I also found out, we have a large blog following up there! Well, I say large, I think 3 people told me they look at our blog to stay up to date! How flattering! I guess that means I should update more!

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