Thursday, April 23, 2009

Uncasing of the Colors

Today the Colors for 1-2 Aviation were uncased, so I decided to take the kids out to watch the ceremony.  Luckily they both did super and I had no real problems!  It was hot though!  Mason decided to take his shoes and socks off before we even got to the airfield.  Emma said she liked the horseys better than the helicopters, ssshhh don't let Dave hear that!  It was so good to see our dear friends Evie and Sarah finally!  Now only if we could get Courtney to Colorado!!  Another friend of mine, Misty took some great shots of our family!  I am SO happy with them, I never get one of all of us!  Yay!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Emma calls the Zoo, Zoom.  Not sure where that came from but she has done it for awhile, even when corrected.  Anyway, we went to the Cheyenne Mt. Zoo here in the Springs and got a family membership so we can go whenever we want!  YAY!  It was a very cool zoom too.  They had a place where you could feed the giraffes and a really cool primate exhibit.  I think the kids loved every second of it and are already begging to go back!


Here are our belated Egg Hunt photos.  The kids hunted eggs after Dave got in from his trip the other day because it was BEAUTIFUL weather, of course the day after Easter!  Mason wasn't really into the whole look for eggs thing, but Emma was and she was more than happy to find his!  I found some really neat eggs this year that had "Little People" and "Wow Wow Wubbzy" characters in them, so we had no one choking on little pieces of candy or toys!  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just a quick update...

I have lots of pics to share but it just so happens that my trusty laptop died.  I know, it's the same one I "broke" a couple of months ago and was fixed but it has now gone to laptop heaven or hell.  Just kidding!  Anyway, it's at the store getting all my pics backed up, I will always back them up now!!!  So Dave being the ever loving husband he is, got US (mainly him, lol) a new desktop...that's right, we are the proud owners of a new iMac!!!  We are slowly turning into a Mac family with our 2 computers, 2 iPhones, and Emma has an iPod touch now.  Wow, we really are a Mac Ad, maybe they'll hire us for all of our advertising!!!  Ok, but really, as soon as I figure out this new beauty, I will be posting Egg Hunt and Zoo pics!  

Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't mess with me...

MY Daddy is home! Dave arrived today finally after being stuck in New Mexico for 2 days. Here are just a few pics!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

from US! Don't mind our crazy attempt at a family photo, I had the timer on the camera. You'll notice that someone is missing, Dave. He is stuck in New Mexico because of some crazy weather. And when I say crazy, it's Easter Sunday here in Colorado and it was sleeting and snowing the whole way to church and the whole way home!!! Needless to say we are postponing our egg hunt until Daddy gets home and for warmer weather! The kids looked SO cute in their Easter outfits! Poor Mason spit up on his on our way out the door! Nothing a couple of wipes can't take care of. We went to the EARLY service this morning to avoid huge Easter crowds so when we got home the kids ate cinnamon rolls since it was still breakfast time! Hope everyone enjoys! They aren't always this cute!!! Ok, pictures coming soon, something is wrong with the upload...

Look who came to our house...

The Easter Bunny...did he come to yours? More pics from Easter tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thanks to Honey, Grandma & both Papas!

Mason went to Target today and with a little help from his sister picked out some toys for the backyard! He got to use his birthday money so Emma was VERY helpful! What a girl! They got a couple of balls, some sand toys, a wagon and Mason's fav, a dump truck! Here are some pics from his day, it was 75 degrees here in the Springs!!! And to think we had a blizzard last week!

The Plane! The Plane! and a little cake too...

Today Dave and some of the other pilots returned from their trip to California with their Apaches. My friend Misty and I drove out to the airfield to watch the guys come in and we made it, with 9 minutes to spare!!! Watching the Apaches fly over us and land was AMAZING!!! I never get tired of watching Dave fly, and I don't think I ever will. It's an awesome talent that shouldn't go to waste. Emma was a little scared at first, since the guys were flying so low and it was really loud, but she quickly remembered who was in the aircraft and got excited to see her Daddy! Mason loved every minute of it! After picking Dave up we had a little dinner and came home to celebrate Mason's FIRST birthday, with just us. We are planning on having a small get together when all the guys get back and settled. He was a little skeptical about the frosting being on him, but found out it tastes really good!!! Hope you guys enjoy!!!