Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

from US! Don't mind our crazy attempt at a family photo, I had the timer on the camera. You'll notice that someone is missing, Dave. He is stuck in New Mexico because of some crazy weather. And when I say crazy, it's Easter Sunday here in Colorado and it was sleeting and snowing the whole way to church and the whole way home!!! Needless to say we are postponing our egg hunt until Daddy gets home and for warmer weather! The kids looked SO cute in their Easter outfits! Poor Mason spit up on his on our way out the door! Nothing a couple of wipes can't take care of. We went to the EARLY service this morning to avoid huge Easter crowds so when we got home the kids ate cinnamon rolls since it was still breakfast time! Hope everyone enjoys! They aren't always this cute!!! Ok, pictures coming soon, something is wrong with the upload...

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