Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What are we loving?

This is Dave's favorite drink, Emma likes it as well. It is like coke mixed with orange soda? Gag me Dave. :)
Um box of milk, yes please! This keeps me from having to steal milk from the farmers in town...I kid! I love this! It was like 11 Euro, but SO worth not having to go to the store every other day. Especially since Sunday, the day of rest, really happens over here.
This is why I have to run miles through the corn fields...I am addicted. It's like milk chocolate with a milky creamy center...heaven.
My other addiction. This is mine and Mason's favorite drink. Sparkling water! He thinks its coke, works for me!
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Give me a second....

While Mason finishes this last glass of wine, kidding!!!! It's his new favorite drink, mineralwasser. I think I said this yesterday but you automatically get sparkling water if you order wasser here. Mason thinks its the coolest thing ever, and today while at Colmberg Castle for dinner he was given an adult glass to drink out of. I'm having crazy problems trying to upload pics to Blogger so I can only do one at a time for right now. Just that one photo takes me 5 minutes so.......just hang with me and we will get this figured out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

and the Halls are overseas once again....

Oh my goodness, what a whirlwind week we have had! First off, Hallo! We made the 9-hour flight from Dallas to Frankfurt on Monday and Dave made it just in time to pick us up! The kids did awesome and we really had no problems on our short flight, haha short compared to the Korea flight! Kid meals on planes are the coolest thing, I wish I got a kids meal! Emma and Mason lived it up with pudding, Twix, fruits, pizza, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, juice, milk and of course bread. Bread is served with every meal in Germany even breakfast. I got a roll with my omelet! After our uneventful flight, we had to travel by train to the area where we lived. I remember looking out the window of our train car and telling Dave that I loved all the cute little German towns, he replied that is all that there are here, cute little German towns. Lol. The kids slept for most of the flight so they were adjusted to the time difference already, I on the other hand was not so I fought sleep most of the day. After arriving at our car (more on that later) we drove a short distance to our new home in Marktbergel. It’s a postcard type of village and I can’t wait to share it with you all! We had some running around to do and Dave tried to give me a tour of the countryside so I would stay awake, lol. We got to meet an old friend of ours and his family for dinner that first night and it was great to see them! All in all, we had a great first day in country! Our last few days have been spent in processing our family for medical, base privileges and whatnot. It has also been spent shopping. Why might you ask? Well reason 1, our stuff doesn’t arrive until next month so we still need some basic things like cleaning supplies, trash cans, hangars etc. Reason 2, it’s about 40 degrees cooler here than it was in Texas, so our poor children had no coats! Luckily we have located both the IKEA and H & M, two of my favorite stores and very reasonably priced! Onto my favorite part of this post, what I am loving about Germany: the candy! I hate gummy candy ask my family, but it is SO good here! Chocolate: um they have this stuff called Kinder chocolate with a milky inside, um it’s crack. Water: It is served as sparkling water here, you must specifically ask for tap water, how did they know I loved sparkling water??? Bakery: There is one in every town and the pretzels and rolls are to die for!! Norma and Aldi stores: I love this little grocery stores because they are CHEAP! You have to pay for your cart and must bag your stuff, but totally worth it, plus I bought a really nice white wine for 2 Euros yesterday! Ok things that I am still not sure of. Driving: We have to drive everywhere because we live in the country. There is no yellow dividing line, it’s white so I am already confused. Poop: We live in a town where people park their tractors in their driveways…. need I say more? Recycling: I am all for this but their system is a bit odd and it will take me a while to figure it out, needless to say I have to dig through my trash this weekend. Fashion: Do these people care what they look like? No, but that could be a good thing and a great piece of advice for us all! I still don’t get the purple hair and black socks though. So as you can see we are really enjoying it here and I promise to have more pics up soon, we are just swamped with things right now. Tomorrow I take my drivers exam, pray for me. Oh a funny story to leave you with. We had our pictures taken by a group of Japanese tourists…I wonder if they thought we were German or if they recognized Emma from all the pictures she took in Korea??? Love you all!!!