Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend with Daddy...and Mommy too!

Recently, Dave has been working A LOT! Well for Labor Day weekend, he actually got all 4 days off, so we decided to take the kids to Seoul for a fun weekend. Especially since the monsoon season is almost over and he will be working even more until Thanksgiving. We had planned on going to Everland, a popular amusement park, but decided at last minute to save it for another trip. We got to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Seoul, but weren't really impressed. It was nice, but not as nice as we expected. By pure luck, we stumbled upon something wonderful....ON THE BORDER Mexican restaurant!!! It was heaven! We explored a section of the COEX mall that we had never seen, Daddy bought Emma chocolate ice cream and Mommy had to buy Emma a new shirt afterwards! Oh well, she had fun with Daddy chowing down on some ice cream! Dave wanted to go the Electronics Market, which was really neat! They have all kinds of things for reasonable prices, we really liked the camera section! Then I wanted to go the IPark Mall, which is supposed to be the largest mall in Asia. Their malls are set up much different than ours, so I think we only saw a corner of it! I took Dave to the fondue place that I had gone to the weekend before and much to his surprise he loved it. So did Emma, give her a pointy thing to stab food with and she is having fun! Scary. We decided to venture to Seoul Tower to be able to see the city at night. I don't think my body will ever let me forget this trip! We knew there were cable cars to take you to the tower but said "he didn't remember the hike being that bad..." Bad is not the word to describe it. More like, I thought I was going to die on the mountain...comes to mind. Seoul Tower is located on Namsan Mt. It took me forever to get up that thing, with Mason on my back! Dave carried Emma on his shoulders and made it look easy! Once up there, it was worth it, the city is beautiful at night. The hike down was much easier. Our next day in Seoul was just hitting up the large PX and commissary like usual. Then it was back home to a messy house, so I must leave you with pictures and go clean!!! Love and miss everyone!!!

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