Sunday, September 21, 2008

Emma turns 3

Today we had Emma's Tinkerbell Birthday party and boy was it FUN! Emma had lots of Daddy's friends come and celebrate with her and of course they brought lots of gifts! First, Emma would like to say THANK YOU to those back in the states that sent her wonderful presents, Mimi & Papa, Honey & Papa, Grandma & Papa(Jack too!) and Wonderful Aunt Chelselina. It was SO SO SO nice of you all to make Emma feel so special on her birthday when we are a world apart! Thank you cards should be in the mail soon, I hope! Emma is now outfitted for the winter thanks to her wonderful Grandparents(Thank you from Mom & Daddy too!) Emma got her very own Larry & Bob from Mimi & Papa too! Emma was excited about Charlotte's Web and loved the birthday message from Grandma & Papa. Honey & Papa supplied all of the wonderful decorations in the pictures, thank you SO much! Again, I made over 2 dozen cupcakes, sick of cupcakes! We had strawberry for Em and Chocolate for Dave, LOL! I also made the 7 layer bean dip and had do-it-yourself soft tacos. I think we were all stuffed! Emma got lots of toys and videos from all her friends that came. She would like to thank Mr. Terry, Mrs. Laura, Mr. Will, Mrs. Kerri, Mr. Kevin, Mrs. Sarah, Eve, Mr. Bill, and Mr. Aaron, oh and Mason too! Emma's big present from Mommy and Daddy was a pink bike! Complete with Dora helmet! Needless to say, Em had a great day and I think everyone else did too! Good thing Mason's birthday is 6 months away, I need a cupcake break...

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