Sunday, September 21, 2008

Emma's REAL Birthday

Emma turned 3 on Friday September 19th. Sad, I know. She's growing up so fast! Since Friday was a day that she attends "her school" on, I asked the teacher if she could bring cupcakes. They were very excited, to say the least. So, the wonderful Mommy that I am, made 2 dozen strawberry cupcakes for Emma's Korean friends at school. She was a big hit, the teacher even called Emma their "special student." She explained that they are very proud to have an American child so she is special to them. All together now, Awwwwwww. The next day was Saturday and we decided that Emma should pick where she wanted to have her Birthday dinner. Emma picked Shabu!!! A family favorite. Well, I think Dave wanted Outback, but he enjoyed Shabu as well. Shabu is a Japanese place where you cook thinly sliced meat or seafood in a very hot pot with your choice of soup. You also add in sprouts, mushrooms, pasta, dumplings, etc. Emma LOVES this place. I think secretly she picks Shabu all the time because she knows she gets ice cream afterwards! LOL!

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