Sunday, June 22, 2008

In a World without Internet...

I am sure people are just freaking out with no new updates of us...ha ha totally sarcastic in case one doesn't know me. We helped my parents move into their beautiful brand spanking new house on Friday and of course have no Internet. Life without Internet really sucks in case anyone was wondering. I am a big fan of "screen shopping" as I call it. It's like window shopping but you don't have to get dressed or do your hair, which these days is a big accomplishment for me to have done before 5pm. I was pretty much depressed to not be able to "screen shop" so I went out and did the real thing but actually spent money...shh don't tell Dave. ha ha. I am trying to get the most of my American mall trips in before we head over to Korea, where their shopping is much much different. Still fun, just not the same. The kiddos are doing great, Emma is ready to see Daddy, she keeps asking when we are going to the "airports." Mason is sleeping through the night, most nights. He has become a drool king, its unreal how much drool he can produce in just a few minutes. I think it is finally becoming real that we are leaving this weekend for 2 years! I am dropping the car off tomorrow to be shipped over to Korea, according to Dave I should have done this weeks ago...oops. Alright, off to rescue the grandparents from the crazy kids...ha ha

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