Sunday, October 30, 2011

What we did this week...

A lot happened this week, so that get a lot of photos!! Yay! I am proud to report that no one had to visit a hospital this week, although I contemplated having my mental status checked a few times! ;) These pictures are if you want to play out the week in the right order, go to the bottom. If not, continue on!

Um, hello! This cutie won $50 for having the best costume EVER!! Her mom pretty much rocks. :) And she knows how to sew now too.
The kids said I had to dress up as well, so meow...
Charlie Company's wonderful candy apple booth at the Howloween Fest. We sold out!!! Making money to have a wonderful welcome home party for our guys!
I guess Buzz needed a snack?
He had his eyes closed for every.single.picture I took before the fest. Oh well, he needed a cat nap.
Emma's last soccer game, thank you Baby Jesus.
I guess you can't celebrate All Hallows Eve anymore at school, so Emma's class had a pumpkin party!
Which meant everyone brought pumpkin snacks...a little much I thought, but the kids (everyone except Emma of course) loved all the goodies!
Mason really wanted everyone to see me stuffing my face with cupcakes, they were the ones I made for the PTSA, so he took like a million photos at the Hoedown...this was the best one. :)
So I got him back, he didn't seem to care as much as me.
Emma's Hoedown stage. The dances and songs were all so cute!!!
Tap has been added to Emma's dance schedule, let's just say she has the skills for making some noise!
Oh the tongue is out again! It's hard to concentrate I guess!

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