Monday, October 24, 2011

What we did this week...

A Bavarian mural painted on the side of the resort. Can you find Emma and Mason? :)
Mason, after lots of tylenol/Motrin, at sunset in front of the Alps!
Someone is feeling much better!
Emma would have stayed in the pool all day!
Poor little man in the hospital! He did think his I.V. splint was super cool though!

Well, sorry for the absence again. We ventured to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort this weekend for a family retreat. It was a bit awkward in the classes because it was all couples and then our small group of wives, but I found most of the lessons to be really insightful! The chapel hosted the retreat and for attending, our rooms and most meals were covered! It was a great mini vacation, but of course it wouldn't be a real vacation without some drama! Mason started running a fever and acting kind of funny very early Saturday morning so I rushed him to the German hospital in town, well the German taxi driver did. He was SO kind too, he carried Mason all bundled in blankets into the hospital for me and even came back to pick us up later! What a wonderful little man he was! He also gave Mason some candy in the taxi for being so brave. The E.R. wanted to admit Mason, but changed their minds as soon as his fever was controllable and he returned to his silly Mason self. He was talking to them in German, so I think that was a good sign. Mason was instructed to stay on a strict pain reliever/fever reducer schedule for the next 48 hours and eventually perked up enough to play with the other kids. It was scary for a bit, and I'm sure I scared his father with my cryptic messages, but all is better now. Mason actually goes back to his own doctor today to have his white blood cell count tested again. Back to the resort, we got to spend an entire afternoon in the indoor heated pool ALONE! I'm not sure where all the families were, but we didn't care! It was a great time and we even had childcare throughout the weekend at various times! We have a lot of Halloween events coming this weekend, so be prepared for multiple posts and pictures! Oh and Emma has requested to do more videos, so be on the look out for her! :)

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