Monday, October 10, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth...kind of.

beautiful at night!
Main Street at night
Can you spot some pink princess ears?
All Mason and Emma wanted to do at the end of the night was ride the carousel!
Loved the Halloween decor!!!
It finally stopped raining so we could take pictures with our ears! Mason didn't want to be part of this...

Emma was chosen by a 'bad guy' during the parade...suits her well I suppose! haha
Mason waited all day to see this man, and boy was the smile on his face BIG!
I remember seeing the green army men when I went to disney years ago!!
She was pointed to the boy next to us, but Emma loved it!
The parade is starting!
Patiently waiting....
Beautiful princess/mouse/girl...
By this time, Mason wanted nothing to do with us or our family photos...
Yes, he's trying to sleep on the curb.

The kids loved the Pirates ride so much, we did it twice!
Check out Mason's wet pants! It rained a lot, but we made the best of it!
He could have shot aliens all day long!
The kids just had to go to Pizza Planet, my fault for telling them about it, and it did not live up to the movie legend. The kids still loved it though!
Emma and Gari on the teacups, I did not participate here. :)
First ride of the day, It's a Small World. Mason was terrified, but quickly warmed up to the idea of rides being in the dark...

I'll say sorry ahead of time for this being brief and for not blogging for so long. We've had a few weeks where morning suddenly became night and Monday morphed into Sunday all in the blink of an eye. This past weekend we made a spur of the moment decision to visit EuroDisney in Paris, France! It was awesome, despite the pouring rain for the first half of the day! We traveled to Ramstein Air Base where we spent the night and caught an early morning bus (4 a.m.!) that dropped us right at Mickey's doorstep. Our good friend Gari-Ann was a trooper and made the trip with us! She loves the mouse more than the kids I think! She was a great help with the kids and they loved having her along for the ride. Emma's best moment of the day, riding Big Thunder Mountain. I believe her actual words were, "This is awesome!!!!!" Mason's best moment of the day, falling asleep on the sidewalk, haha kidding! No he really did that waiting for the parade to start. His favorite is a tie between lunch at Pizza Planet (from Toy Story) and riding the Buzz Lightyear ride. I tried to buy him mouse ears but he refused and accepted a pez dispenser instead, lol. Boys. The trip was great, the kids slept and we rode every ride we wanted or at least tried to! Emma told me today she didn't want to tell Daddy how much fun she had, because she didn't want him to be sad. I think he was ok missing this fast and furious trip, but will definitely make the next one!!! I hope the pictures can make up for my absence over the last month!!! They aren't the best quality because I didn't take our nice camera and it was dreary out!

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