Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For you Daddy!

I know this is a long time between posts, I am sorry yet again! I'm always apologizing on here! School picked up for me and I added a few more classes for later this session, so as you can imagine my internet time is being consumed by schoolwork. Dave has also been coming and going for training and shooting and whatever else they do when they leave. Mason also had pneumonia a few weeks ago and it was very serious for about 24 hours. So needless to say, all is well now and things have calmed down just enough to share some pictures! Emma says her favorite thing to do here in Germany is to go to the Blumen fields. These are flower fields that people/cities have set up with a small can to deposit your money and even some knives to cut the flowers. They go on pure honesty so most of the time I put a little extra in, especially since Mason running through the rows destroys at least a few flowers...boys. Emma had a very nice birthday with just the 3 of us, Dave is of course away. So we plan on letting her pick somewhere to go and of course taking her spending money to Toys R Us. They have those here ya know? I've been getting in touch with my crafty side with all this alone time. A friend of mine here introduced me to German flea markets and I am obsessed. Hope everyone is doing well! It is getting cooler here, although this week has been warmer for us!

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