Friday, July 29, 2011

goodbyes suck

They do. Even short goodbyes suck. I would like to say that we say, "see you later," but we aren't cool like that. Our goodbye was short and not sweet. I lost control of all the emotions that had been building inside of me since we were given the short notice of this deployment. I'm sure Dave knew that was coming, I'm a crier. I cry over really sad tv dramas. It's true. But today my tears were replaced with uncontrollable laughter. Our monthly battalion coffee for spouses was this morning, and a good handful of our girls showed up. We giggled over our stories of saying goodbye to the loves our lives and the funny things that have happened to us over the hours that they have been gone. Believe me, strange things happen when you're on your own. We've made plans to keep us busy and I'm really looking forward to them. I also hope to start a post on Sundays showing what the kids and I did all week, more so to keep us busy and to let Dave see what we have been up to as well.

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