Saturday, March 31, 2012


Completely out of order, but I'm sure grandparents don't mind... :)

Daddy got Mason an awesomely HUGE Apache for his birthday!
Little man studying his goods...
I simply refuse to believe that he is almost FOUR!
We celebrated Mason's birthday early so Grandma could be here with us!
Emma getting a reading award from Garrison Commander, Colonel Lawler
No trip to Munich is complete without a trip to the world famous, Hofbrauhaus!

A piece from the Crown Jewels of Munich tour
These two loved their audio guides!
White church in the meadow, they say a miracle occurred here...
downtown Rothenburg
hugging the dirty Steiff teddy bear...
Waiting for Grandma to arrive in Frankfurt!
Emma's leprechaun trap for school
Lastly, Emma's tap performance during the Spring Bazaar

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