Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I miss and not miss about Korea

So now that I am back in the U.S. of A. and have my lovely laptop back, I figured I would write about something that goes through my mind everyday. Things I miss or don't miss about Korea. I absolutely miss the experience and doing something new and different almost everyday.

Things I Miss about Korea:

-My BFFs, :(

-Buying Socks on the street!
-Emma's pre-school

-Seoul, there was so much more I wanted to explore there!

-my faux purchases

-Beef on a leaf

-The kindness of "most" strangers

-public transportation, it was nice to not have to drive 2 hrs home after shopping all day

-the little Korean makeup/beauty stores

-underground shopping

-being able to eat in peace because the ajumma would take my kids at a restaurant
-cheap Korean prices
Things I Don't Miss about Korea

-having to turn my hot water on every time I wanted to use it

-not being able to "run" to the store

-Target, I am amazed by that place!


-driving in said traffic
-being stared at

-lack of options at the PX
-the commissary, lol!

I'm sure there are much more, but that's the main list for now. Dave leaves tomorrow to go back to Korea and I almost want to go back with him, lol! But I am really enjoying Texas and all it has to offer right now, lol! Classes start back for me on the 26th, so I will try my very hardest to keep up with the blog while doing that and chasing after the kiddos! We miss everyone!!!

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