Thursday, January 1, 2009

Please forgive me...

I know I should have updated as soon as we got in, but we ran into a few problemos. Jet lag has kicked our butts this time! The kids are doing great with it, well Mason is still having some night problems but nothing like Mommy and Daddy. Dave and I seem to not be able to sleep past 3am! So pretty much everyday I have felt like I was hit by a truck, a very large one. Thanks goodness we are here with my parents and they have been watching the kids! The flight was great, a few breakdowns by Emma and Mason, but nothing horrible. I did attempt to go shopping on my first day back in the states, but I failed. I was SO SO SO tired! Yesterday Dave and I ventured out to get cell phones. I got an iPhone!!! It's so cute! Kinda hard to get used to, but still fun! We did get a new car, but haven't actually "got" it yet. It was at another location in Texas, so we are waiting on it to get here before finalizing everything, let me just say now that I have the BEST husband in the world. I am a very spoiled girl! I have SO many pics to put up, a lot still from Korea and some from here. So hopefully soon when I have the patience to sit down and upload them without falling! I miss you BFFS and no I haven't forgot about you guys...I will call soon. I promise a better update soon...just give me some time, lol!!!

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