Sunday, December 28, 2008

Less than 48 hours...

I think it's around math isn't great! Especially with 2 kids running amok and 5 suitcases. Yes I said 5. I have managed to not use up all 6. Now we do have 3 carry ons between the 4 of us. Wow, that's a lot of numbers in the first 5 sentences! This post will make my parents happy. I ALWAYS wait until the last minute to pack. Like hours before we leave for the airport last minute. I know, for someone who is very Type A, this is ODD. Anyway, I am almost totally packed and we aren't leaving for Seoul until tomorrow! I have no laundry left, the kids clothes are laid out and our clothes for Tuesday are in a separate bag. Go me! Why this new behavior might one ask? Well, Dave and I are taking different paths to get to the airport tomorrow. LOL, this should be one fun trip! We are each taking a kid as well, so everything has to be ready to go because it just can't be done when there are only one set of eyes and a million bags to load up! Emma and I will be going to Yongsan with BFFs Sarah and Eve. I have to pick the kids shot records up and some last minute street vendor shopping, don't laugh. It is the one thing I will miss most about shopping in Seoul...the accessories on the street! Dave has to run by our mail room on post and do something to the car so they are coming later. Emma and I will catch the airport bus from Seoul and meet the men at our hotel. What hotel? Why, the Best Western Incheon Airport! Who knew they had Best Westerns over here?? I still have no pictures to put up but I promise to overload your server when we get back to the states, and I have recovered from jet lag and a 12 hour flight with my family. LOL! So, my next post will probably be from TEXAS. See you guys soon!!! And to my BFFs, thanks for everything, I will miss you guys SO SO SO much and will think of you while strolling through Target. Love you guys! Thanks for making Korea so much greater than it already was!

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