Friday, December 5, 2008

Daddy got new Wings!

Quick post as it's already really late here...But, Dave got his Senior Wings today! This means he has been an Aviator for 7 years and flown over 1500 hours! Whoa, go Dave! Our intent was to let Emma pin his wings, but the Battalion Commander held her and Mason instead. No worries, Emma will just pin Daddy's next accomplishment, CW4! Years to go on that one. The pics are blurry, not your fault Sarah! It's the crappy lighting in the gym and delay on my camera. I never get good pics in there. I don't think anyone does. Anyway, you get tell what's going on through the blurriness. We are laughing because the BN CDR told me hit his wings after I pinned him. It's an Army thing. If you remember, this is the same man who made me pull Dave's CW2 rank off with my teeth. Class, I tell ya, these gunpilots. It was fun and creates great memories down the road!

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