Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cards

Ok, first...Christmas Cards are going to be late this year. I think they were late last year too, oh well! Better late than never right? My mom would say, no...they need to be on time. I really tried mom, ok no I didn't, I just got behind. Second, we need addresses. Obviously family we already have, but if you are reading the blog and have become addicted and would like for our family to plaster your refrigerator, then send me your address! I think that was the world's longest run on sentence. That's why I am not a teacher. lol! Oh, and these are Korean Christmasy Cards, so if that makes you interested, not our bright shiny faces, then that is fine too. Just send me addresses ASAP! My BFF Courtney and I have found a little store that sells the BEST Korean Christmas cards, not too pricey either...some even play Christmas music in Hangul!! I wonder who will be lucky enough to get that card! The picture included is one of the "simple" Korean cards. I found these before I became addicted and started buying the "more festive" ones. Enjoy, and addresses NOW!

Ok, never mind about the pic...I will upload it later...I thought it was on this computer! Oops!

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