Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

Well, with our move pushed back a little bit(an understatement) I figured I would put our tree up today. Mason was a little frightened of it at first, but warmed up enough to chew on some branches. (It's fake for those concerned about his health.) I took some pictures(ok, a lot) but I can't show all of them for fear of revealing Christmas card photos. My dear BFF Courtney is taking our family picture but I got some great shots of the kids in their matching Christmas Pj's. I will show you one photo and one photo only, but it is guaranteed to make your whole Christmas. Hope you enjoy and we miss you all very much!


Jackie LeFevre said...

I am going to have to say THAT is a great picture. If you all were in it, it would be a classic Christmas card!!!

Anonymous said...

this should be sent to readers digest!!!! love it and love ya'll!!