Saturday, December 6, 2008

I made it back alive...

from the DMZ! No, I did not bother any soldiers nor was I a problem! I listened to all the briefs and didn't point or make fun at any North Korean soldiers, out of fear for my life. LOL! I recommend this tour to anyone who has a chance to visit Korea. It is a lot of propaganda and he said/she said drama, but it's very eye opening to what is still going on between these two countries. I don't have the time to educate everyone about the JSA/DMZ area, so just google it. So much to learn!!! I did cross into North Korean territory for a few minutes but it was totally allowed! It was in the part of the JSA building where the armistice was signed for the cease fire of the Korean war. There is a wide slab of concrete that serves as the divider for the North and the South at the JSA and I was on both sides at once! LOL! I'm only posting a few pics because this trip was mainly for my Uncle Jody(my Mom's uncle). He served in the Korean war and I promised to take pictures for them, so I want him to be able to see them first. I know you all will understand. It meant a lot today to be able to see this and know he (and SO many others) were apart of it. I almost forgot to add, thank you to my BFFs for watching our kids so Dave and I could go do this before I left! You guys are awesome!!!

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Jackie LeFevre said...

Where are you going? Where is the big move? Did I miss that one. I LOVE keeping up with you all!! Thanks for doing this!!!