Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa!!!!! I know him!

Anyone who knows Emma will know what movie that is from. It is her favorite Christmas movie, in fact I had to take it away last SUMMER, because we were still watching it! So, Emma LOVES anything Santa. Last year Honey took her to see the famous Northpark Santa in Dallas. Santa loved her SO much, he personally asked to use Emma's picture in their advertising! Who would have guessed she would be so sweet and nice to Santa?! Well this year in Korea, we can't go to the local mall to have their pics made so we have to settle for a soldier dressing up as Santa. Emma didn't care, she clung to him like glue! She got to see him 2 nights last week. On Thursday Camp Eagle had their tree lighting and gifts for the orphanage. We also decorated cookies that night in the Camp Eagle DFAC. Friday was our Battalion Christmas Party which was very nice. They had a Christmas dinner made and even gave out some raffle prizes. On a side note, Mason wants nothing to do with Santa this year. Dave thinks its the hat. Mason cried one time when Dave was wearing a hat(I don't think he could see his face) so Dave is convinced this is why Mason cried at Santa. Emma still doesn't understand that Santa "brings" her gifts, but maybe next year! As of right now, I think she is just fascinated by him!

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