Sunday, May 23, 2010

reality has set in....

that we are moving away from this gorgeous state in just a few weeks, like 3 to be exact! That's a plus for you guys though because I will probably update the blog more since we will be back in a foreign country again. SO since I realized that we are leaving very soon and we will be very busy during our final weeks, I decided to get out and see some of our favorite sites here in the Springs. I'm sure we will be making more visits as time to leave draws closer, but I wanted to share some pictures of our favorite things here. I took the kids the other day to Garden of the Gods to take a picture in my fav spot, the heart cutout. I'm not sure if anyone else thinks it looks like that, but I love it!!! Today we also spent some time in Manitou Springs and driving the jeep off road on Gold Camp road. The kids love driving on Gold Camp road because it takes you winding up and down Cheyenne Mountain(I think?), it could be another mountain? lol. You can see Helen Hunt falls and other water falls from high up as well as the Colorado Springs airport! The kids and I have been enjoying the sunny days and working on our tans so we don't fry when we get to Texas next month! I know I am very excited about this next chapter in our lives but as always, I hate to leave this one behind. On a positive note so I don't get all sappy and depressing on you, I bought an elliptical to take to Germany with us. The positive about this is, the money that was spent to buy it, I won back that same night at BINGO! hahahahahaha. You can't get any luckier than that huh? Oh and I also received two A's and a B this semester. I'm extremely excited over these grades because it was my first semester of all senior/upper level courses! With a crazy life and crazy kids, I'm pretty sure that I made my own Dean's List, lol! Thanks to everyone for all of their encouraging words and thoughts! Get them ready for the summer semester!! Love you all!!!

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