Thursday, May 20, 2010

What we've been up to...

I just want to let my father know how much I love him, I am updating this for him right this very second. He said he might die or something if he didn't see new pics of the kids....that might be a stretch from our actual conversation but that's what I got out of it! So, daddy, I am writing this while the kids are in the bath pouring gallons of water onto my bathroom floor...yes mother I can see them, they are still alive. Emma is practicing swimming for Honey's pool as we speak, type, whatever. I finished finals last week so that is basically where I have been. After staring at the computer for 3 online classes I really have no desire to do anything computer related at the end of the day, but I am on break until June 1st, yay! The house we live in here in the Springs just started showing this week and that is really cramping my style, and by my style I mean keeping a house that two tornadoes live in, quite clean. It's near impossible but I am happy to report that it's going on 4 days of cleanliness, be proud! Emma is done with soccer, thank goodness and has one session left of skating. We have already found a place for her to skate this summer while in Texas and she is really excited about it! We should be leaving here in about 3 weeks and I am really excited for this new adventure we are going to have. I am very sad to leave my friends though, they have been wonderful and I will miss them terribly!!!! Good thing aviation is a small world, I know I will see them again someday!

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