Thursday, April 22, 2010

She gets it!

That's the 'aha' moment Dave and I had at the rink last night with Emma. For the most part of her last level, she skated like any new skater would, until she fell down. When we watched her last night I was just SO proud. She was gliding, switching her feet during her skate(big deal because last session she didn't want to lift her skates off the ice out of fear of falling), turning circles, jumping up and landing on her toe pick, all kinds of crazy things! I had explained to her before the class that this was a 'big girl' skating lesson and not a 'baby class' like her last one. Mainly because most kids don't return after the first session but Emma wanted to keep on keeping on. And she showed us why last night. Can you tell that I am a teensy bit proud of her? Don't get me wrong, she had her fair share of falls but I can definitely tell that she wants to be out there. Who falls with a smile on their face? Emma.

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