Monday, April 19, 2010


I did it again, letting the blog go for a few weeks. Sorry! I'm in the middle of two very long research papers that I am finally seeing the light on and Emma's little schedule has been keeping me very very busy. As of right now she is having Soccer games on Mondays and Wednesdays and Skating on Tuesdays with extra practice times through the week if we can squeeze them in. Plus we have been busy with our appointments on post that clear us for living overseas, again. It's a pain but I know they just do it to make sure we receive the best care available, but its a chore with two little kids! I'm putting up some pics of Emma 'in action' at her games. She is quite aggressive and not standoffish like most of the kids on the field. She goes right for the mob of little kids with the ball and even gives an elbow or two, I blame that on her father. :) She has yet another game tonight so maybe I will try to get video up! It's hard to watch her and Mason at the same time when Dave is flying. Last week Mason was running laps on the track around the field, ummmm he's not my kid at all! Speaking of running, I convinced Aunt Chelsea to run a 5K this summer, I'm pushing for the 10K but no matter what it will be fun and just like the old days! Wonder if our dad will be there yelling at us to keep our form, open your stride, pick your head up! No doubt that mom will be there with snacks like she always was for us! Ewww, Chelsea do you remember when we used to eat those power bars?? gross, don't bring power bars mom. I'm thinking Emma should run in the 1K, get her started early. She does like to run, hahaha. Ok, I think I just babbled through an update on here so I wouldn't have to think about China or women in the workplace(research papers, boo). Hope everyone is doing well!!! Our time is coming to end soon in Colorado!!!

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