Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You can disown me now...

I am horrible, I know that. I won't even give excuses about school work, Dave being gone, strep and pink eye, I promise. :) We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with some really great friends last week. I hope you all had a good Turkey Day as well! Christmas markets have consumed me here in Germany and I am trying to attend all the ones nearby to get a collectors beer/gluwein mug from them. Great goals I have in life! We have also started some new Christmas traditions that I wanted to share! We are doing the 25 books of Christmas, where the kids get to unwrap a book each night in December and we read it before bed! I also made a huge advent calendar with some help from my Momma! She sent me the boxes and uber cute scrap-booking paper for them! The kids were so excited to see little chocolates inside the box tonight! Advent is huge in Europe so we even made an advent wreath like the ones the kids light at school! Germany is amazing at Christmas, it really makes up for the homesickness! Miss and love you all!

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