Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Busy Busy

Emma is officially a Girl Scout Daisy. She had her troop investiture ceremony last month and they are smack in the middle of cookie sales. I have to say, Emma is a natural. She just walks right up to those soldiers and lets them know that they will be buying some girl scout cookies! First, who can say no to cookies and second, who can say no to her? lol! I'm sure Dave and I are the only ones raising our hands. We went to visit Nuremberg last week while picking up an antique desk and had a lot of fun visiting the old fortress and new places to eat! Dave has a four day next weekend and says we will be going out of town, I'm hoping Prague or Brussels! He is busy in the middle of the advanced course, it is a requirement to continue to move up in promotions. I like this school schedule he is on though, 8-5 most days with some letting out even earlier! I think the kids really enjoy having him home in the mornings and evenings! I'm taking a pretty heavy load this semester of all senior psych and behavior courses, but I am loving every second of them. They are really helping to prepare me for my future in Counseling. The sacrifices and hard work really start to pay off when you can actually enjoy what you are doing! I am hoping grad school will be just the same! Love you all!!!

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