Sunday, February 20, 2011

oh Prague

There is way too much to try to tell you about Prague...but that is where we spent this recent weekend. It was an amazing trip even though it was a mesh of old world Baroque style buildings and graffiti trash of the Eastern Block of Europe. We took a guided tour our second day, and even though we spent the first part of the tour on the wrong bus it was a great way to see all the sites in Prague. Somehow the tour company believed we were Germans and placed us with the German tour group, which was fine, but I can't translate that fast in my head and then to Dave. So, we met up with our 'real' group on the first stop of the tour and the rest was grand! My other favorite part of the trip was Mason eating three real meals a day! Mason is our muncher, snacker, etc. On this trip he actually ate the entire plate that was put in front of him and has continued to do so since arriving home! I couldn't be happier! Instead of trying to explain all the wondrous sites we saw, I will just share some great pics!

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