Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the end...

Trevi at night, finally. We kept getting there too early and not wanting to fight the crowds before the lights came on.
we had to stand on the metal railing to just get a picture above the crowd, it is crazy at night!
view from our table at dinner one night. Most of the places we ate had views like this, lovely! You also ate very close to other diners and other restaurants too!
BEST gelato ever! Check out that line! No Roma Pass accepted here though, boo.
like animals, hovering over their food...
If you look very far in the back, there is a screen with the Pope on it...he was speaking in Italian, so I'm not sure what was sad, but I'm sure it was good!

fountain in St. Peter's square

Spanish Steps with my babes

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Twins in Korea said...

Beautiful pictures! You, Dave and the kiddos all look great. I'm so terribly jealous of your trip to Rome. Looks like you had a wonderful time!