Sunday, July 31, 2011

What we did this week...

I really hope I can keep this weekly post up, I won't make any promises because we all know that I 'sometimes' forget to update the blog....Hopefully 52 WWDTW will help pass the time? Probably not. You can't blame a girl for trying! We've been able to Skype with Dave once, their internet is spotty and not reliable, but way better than nothing at all! The kids are doing well, I was worried about Emma since she is old enough to understand that Daddy will be gone for a very long time, but she has become my rock. She's a nurturer by heart, and is always checking on me and asking what she can do to be my big helper this year. Not to say we don't bump heads, she's a spitting image of myself! Mason has yet to fully grasp that Dave will not be coming home anytime soon. Every time the doorbell rings, he runs thinking Daddy is home! Breaks my heart. He asked last night if we could drive my car to Afghanistan to pick up Daddy from work. So, now that we are all sad and sobbing, here are some recaps of what we did this week.

My landlord came over yesterday and asked if I had 5 minutes to pull some weeds out of the stone walkway...sure, 5 problem!
5 minutes turned into 3 hours of pulling weeds, mowing, edging, raking dead grass and basically getting lectured on how to take better care of my yard. Let's just say, I'm a little sore today.
Emma's flower garden. Oh, I weeded that thing too!
She was so happy that her flowers were finally blooming!
Mason with a Tiki Mask, or a Tiki Mask with Mason's body?
Hula hoop competition! We had a Luau right before the guys left and it was a great time! Good food, friends and lots of laughs.
Riding with Daddy. Emma loves to ride her bike with Dave, she's a bit mad at Mason right now because he doesn't ride so this limits her area of bike riding for the moment...
He just likes to pose on the bike, there is no riding involved. :)

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Gari-Ann said...

I love your Mason-isms...can we drive to Afghanistan to pick up daddy? LOL so sweet! Like I said, I can drive stick so if Mason wants I can drive him around the block :)