Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday with the Hubby

On my actual 25th birthday, Dave had one of our friends come over and watch the kids while we enjoyed a nice dinner out. It was wonderful! We went to this great Italian(yes Italian in Korea) place up on Chiaksan Mt. Just being able to have a nice dinner and enjoy each other's company was gift enough! But Dave and the kids(like they had a choice!) took me to Osan on my birthday and let me go shopping for a new purse, so I got this one! The plate looks scratched because I still have the plastic on it, I'm afraid to take it off...LOL! That's really all I have for now, I have been battling allergies and wild children all week, so no new reports! LOL! We still love and miss everyone too!

1 comment:

Marla Stanford said...

...aaahhhh too cute, love the purse!!! Good job Dave and kiddo's