Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, not yet technically. I just got back from an exhausting, yet exciting weekend in Seoul. I went down there with two friends of mine and we just had a wonderful girls weekend! We started out with pedicures, then some shopping, Starbucks, more shopping, a nice fondue dinner, and then some more shopping...and now we are dog tired!!! I can't say we made it back with much, but we had an awesome time being able to ride the subway and just get "lost" in Seoul while the hubby's took the kiddos. They were dearly missed(the kids, not the men...Just Kidding!!!) It was my first time at a fondue restaurant and I LOVED it! I think the owner was ready to kick us out at the end of the night though. We were the only customers in there! We were able to stock up some much "wanted" things at the huge PX in Yongsan. And I got to show the girls the subway and all the outdoor markets in Seoul. We searched high and low for a LUSH store and finally found it after riding the escalator 20 billion times in a department store. Our Korean classes are paying off, you could tell in the smiles on people's faces when we attempted to ask for something! LOL! All in all, it was a great weekend and I am SO happy to have found these wonderful friends! Dave's not flying on my actual birthday, so I am not sure what we are doing yet for that. The kids are great. We are trying to get Emma into a ballet class in town, and maybe a Korean "pre-school." She is ready for her birthday, she was quite mad when I told her it was mine this week, not hers. It's easier to put it here instead of answering it a million times, but if anyone was wondering what she wanted for her birthday...clothes and shoes! The poor darling has no winter clothes and has outgrown all her pants. If you need sizes, just email or call. I don't mean this by please go buy her presents, but the child has more than enough toys and really doesn't need anymore! In fact, this week she went through her toys and decided which ones she was going to share with the orphans that we sponsor over here. It was so sweet to hear her talking about helping kids that have nothing when we have so much. Mason is a chunk and sweetie. He laughs at just about everything. Mainly Emma getting into trouble. He rolls over all the time now and it still scares Emma, she thinks he "fell over." He has made it through all his veggies with no problems and loved them all! He has a tip of a tooth coming in on the bottom! Oh, and he has found his feet. They are his long lost friends it seems. Dave is flying more than ever, mostly 6 days a week right now, and I think he is tired. The weather is also cooling off, it feels great now and not so humid! Ok, I can hear a child, not sure which one...hope everyone is doing well!!!

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