Friday, October 24, 2008

Chengdeokgung Palace and Insadong

Sarah and her mother(who is in town visiting) invited me to join them last weekend for a trip into Seoul. A couple of crazy bus and taxi rides later we arrived at Changdeokgung Palace. I really couldn't tell you much about this palace because there were SO many people on our tour group and Sarah and I were being just a tad bit goofy. It is huge and has a secret garden area, I do know that! The picture on the bridge is a 600 yr old stone bridge...nice! I almost fell off. I really liked the corners of the buildings, so I have lots of pics of those. There is a picture of me passing through the Secret Garden gate, oooohhhhh. The King's throne is in there too. I have a picture of "where the magic happened" but it was really dark, so you don't get to see that bed! It looked really hard anyway and there were chairs positioned around it to make sure the marriage was consummated...nice. In the other post is more pics from the palace, me again going through a gate, this time of eternal youth...we'll see how that works out. And, then my favorite place of all...Insadong. So many tea shops, antiques, souvenirs, etc. Anything you want from Korea, it's there! I loved it! I want to go everyday, but Dave won't let me. Boo Dave. Hope you enjoy!

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