Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Fun Weekend...

I know, people are probably thinking we died or something since the blog hasn't been updated. Fortunately we are all still alive and kicking. I wouldn't really say kicking, it was a LONG but fun weekend. Dave had this thing called a 4day weekend where, gasp, he actually had all 4 days off! I know you're thinking I'm making this up, but it's true...he hung out with us ALL weekend! It started with the kids check-ups on Friday. Mason weighed in for 6 months at 18.9 lbs and 26(and something) inches. He is in the 75th % for both weight and height! Way to go Mason!!! He did however get 2 shots and was very sad about that. He is looking more and more like Dave everyday. He is also a BIG Daddy's boy. Dave can't walk into the room and not acknowledge Mason without a big fit being thrown. It's cute, but it sucks when Dave is gone! Apparently, Dave has the magic touch to rocking the little guy to sleep, I don't have it. I get the "I'm going to scream for 10 min before passing out!" routine. Oh well, it's so neat to see them interact. Emma had her 3 year well baby(big girl) exam. She is doing well and developing perfect the pediatrician said. She weighs 31 lbs and is 3 ft 2 in tall! I have some tall kids! Emma did have to get one booster shot, which made her VERY mad at me. Build-A-Bear solved that. That's right, I said Build-A-Bear in Korea!!! After the appointments and a little rest at the hotel, we made our way to Central City Mall in Seoul. It is located beneath the Express Bus Terminal and the JW Marriott Hotel. Emma picked out an Elephant and was in love. McD's was dinner and Krispy Kreme was dessert, Dave found them. It was a long day so we crashed for the night. Saturday, Yongsan was having a Fall Festival so we enjoyed that. They had a parade, booths, food, and jump houses. Mason slept through most of it, and Emma really enjoyed it. Nap time was well received by the kids and Dave and we ended the night with Cold Stone Ice Cream in Itaewon. I tried to do a little shopping, but Dave was walking to fast! Men. Sunday was Osan's Air Power Day. The U.S. Air Force and the ROK Air Force put on a great show! We saw LOTS of friends there and had some great food. It was really loud but the kids seemed to really like watching all the aircraft. We ended our fabulous family fun weekend with dinner at Chili's. It was wonderful as it usually is!! The Build-A-Bear pics will be postponed for a little while as I do not have that camera card here with me right now...soon though, I promise!

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