Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just a little FYI

I can't blog right now because I broke our laptop.  When I say "I" it's because I was the last person to use it before it died.  So of course, I have been blamed.  LOL!  I promise to put all the pics up as soon as it gets back from the "doctor."  I know you are all sitting there in suspense waiting for me to post, just kidding.  I also need help coming up with a new name for our blog.  Bring on the suggestions!!!  We miss everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lynds! I have been stalking your blog waiting for pictures. Miss you guys! I'm sure you are busy but maybe we can chat after Dave leaves for Korea. :) Don't change the name of your blog. It can refer to your family's life and not just to the area you are living. :) I think it is brilliant the way it is!